What is ‘getting NYC’d’ anyway?

The term derives from my first week living in the city and the new realities you have to accept as a part of life here.  “Ugh, I feel like we just got China’d,” my roommate, who we’ll call Hillary (short for Hillary Clinton, of course!) kept saying.  Both of us spent time studying abroad, Hillary in China, myself in Spain, and encountered many a ridiculous situation.  NYC is no different.  Take a look:

Getting NYC’d

– Our apartment has two bedrooms and is converted to three-bedrooms by putting up a convertible wall (common practice here). Convertible walls such as these typically cost around $1000, but the wall in our apartment was already there from the previous owner, yet the superintendent charged us $600 to keep the PREEXISTING wall. Some thanks for saving them the trouble of tearing it down. NYC’d.

– Hillary went to a MTA vending machine to add $10 to her subway card.  Due to some malfunction, the money was not added to the card so Hils took it up to the counter where the MTA employee informed her that she must send the card and receipt snail-mail style to the MTA and they would mail the corrected card back within six weeks. What’s the point of employing someone to work the MTA booth? NYC’d.

Getting Spain’d

Sevilla, Espana

– After simply asking where a bathroom was in a bar, the creeper owner directed us into a back room with a tent and cot. Spain’d.

– While on a weekend train trip, my group was anxiously awaiting our destination. The train stopped in a tunnel (no sign, no announcement) and continued on. Apparently the tunnel stop was our destination and the train director proceeded to charged us 50 euro for having incorrect tickets even after explaining our blunder. Furthermore, we had to buy an additional ticket to get back to the right place. Spain’d.

Getting China’d

Beijing Sandstorm

– Cab drivers always said they knew exactly where you were trying to go- restaurant, bar, you name it.  After awhile you would realize you were nowhere close to the destination, but rather some sketchy alley out of a Jackie Chan movie.  China’d.

– In the spring, Beijing is subject to sandstorms from the encroaching Gobi Desert. Think hurricane winds with sand (sand-i-cane?). They often come without much warning and leave sand drifts all over the city, meanwhile forcing the people to remain inside for days to avoid the sand blasts! China’d.



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