Well, folks, it looks like NYC’s wildlife population is expanding from rats, squirrels and pigeons to include dolphins and coyotes!

The Fire Department has been following a dolphin swimming freely in the East River and Newton Creek .  The animal has not shown hostility thus far, which is more than we can say for Shamu down at Sea World.

Furthermore the coyote spotted in Central Park a few weeks ago is creeping around town again.  Wiley Coyote has yet to attack anyone or anything, but I’d probably keep the yappy dogs a safe distance away.

What’s next? The resurgence of the Subway Crocodile?!



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    […] remember a couple weeks ago when someone broke out the NYC Jumanji board and the city had a coyote gallivanting through Central Park and dolphins swimming  in the East […]

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    […] the many stories about dolphins saving those lost at sea. Perhaps we could coerce and train the East River Flipper to be our very own rescue dolphin! Again, we come to the storage problem with the dolphin. […]

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