Spring, is that you?

In New York City there is an overwhelming amount of skepticism.  We are skeptical of the cabbies that transport us around town, the supposed market rally, and the dentist that says we have two cavities. And right now we are skeptical of the weather.

The weather has been in the 50-degree range since Saturday but nobody wants to say anything beyond, “My, it’s a beautiful day outside!” for fear of jinxing it and sending us spiraling back into the land of snowicanes and single-digit windshields.  Instead, people are bouncing around town with childish grins on their faces and happily carrying iced coffees and fruit smoothies, acting like they’ve been doing this for the past four months.  My morning walk today perfectly illustrated the city’s confusion with the weather.  I passed several men sporting winter hats, ski jackets and boots, and then around the next corner came two girls in J.Crew’s latest color palate dresses, sans jackets.  A bit premature? Maybe, but I appreciate the optimism!

The thing I love most about this glimmer of spring is that the weather forecast for the next four days calls for rain showers, which normally dampens the mood for the weekend. But today people seem quite content with the idea that it won’t be freezing rain.


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