15 seconds of fame at The Garden

Madison Square Garden is a magical place.  A lot of people have been hating on it lately because it needs a bit of a facelift and nobody likes going to Penn Station if they can help it, but truly wonderful things happy there.  For example, last night I made my jumbotron debut while watching the Big East tournament.  For a glorious 15 seconds I received the same attention that Bill Clinton, Denzel Washington and Nick Lachey did yesterday. Dream big!

As for the Big East games, the West Virginia/ Cincy game turned into quite the nail-biter! West Virginia started the game strongly, pulling ahead by 14 points in the first five minutes.  Luckily, the Bearcats turned the potentially boring game completely around by bringing the score to a tie with minutes to go.  The arena started emptying out after the Notre Dame/ Pitt game and sadly a lot of people missed De’Sean Butler amazing buzzer 3-pointer to clinch the win! In case you were one of those people:

If you have the chance to go to the Garden, go immediately.  The venue only seats about 20,000 people so it makes for a pretty intimate, high energy place to watch a game or show.  Not to mention, all of the distinguished sports stars and performers of our time have played there and you can feel their greatness when you step in the door. I plan on taking my 15 seconds of fame from yesterday and seeing if I can finally get into the Boom Boom Room tonight.


One Response to “15 seconds of fame at The Garden”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know I knew such a hot shot!

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