NYC: Umbrella Graveyard

Thousands of NYC umbrellas died this weekend. Trash cans and dumpsters overflowed with the deformed rain shields, as it has been raining since Thursday night, only stopping intermittently today and yesterday.  Hurricane-like winds blew my friends and I down streets and I found myself screaming like a 12-year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. As if the screaming isn’t ridiculous enough, apparently six people died this weekend from the weather’s severe wind damage and more 911 calls were made on Saturday than on 9/11!

The NYPD, which had 50 extra call-takers on duty, reported the second-highest volume of 911 calls ever: 65,000 in 24 hours, below the 96,000 during the first day of the 2003 blackout but topping the 54,000 on Sept. 11, 2001.
Apparently many residents are still without power, and as of this morning the borough breakdown of power outages looked like this:

Manhattan: 89 customers

Brooklyn: 3,700 customers

Queens: 5,900 customers

Bronx: 8,400 customers

Staten Island: 23,000 customers (!!!)

Hmmm…these figures seem directly proportional to what a resident pays for rent. If you are considering a move into the metro-area I think this data should take some serious weight. You might pay up to live in Manhattan, but at least you won’t be freezing, without power, or have a tree through the roof of your apartment.

As for my umbrella, it survived, but barely.  I permanently borrowed a Sharper Image (R.I.P) “wind resistant” umbrella from my dad last year and it has performed well in battle, though a couple of the arms broke and now it is starting to resemble a tiki hat because I have to hold one side while I walk. Luckily, it is supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny tomorrow. So they say.


One Response to “NYC: Umbrella Graveyard”

  1. haha I walked into a DR to buy a new one, thought I should invest in a really nice $20 umbrella only to find 15 minutes later it break from a semi strong wind gust. I went back to a free H&M umbrella my sister got and it lasted all weekend. I’ll never overpay for an umbrella again.

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