Best Margs in Town

On St. Patrick’s Day most people opt for Guinness or Jameson, but in the interest of avoiding the parade and not replicating Hobo St. Paddy’s Day, my friends and I went out for margaritas.  As a result, I have crowned my new favorite margarita!  This is no small task.  New Yorkers pride themselves on where they go for their favorite pizza, burger, FroYo, steak and cupcake. It’s like when someone asks you, “Beatles or Rolling Stones?” Their response ever-changes your perception of them and becomes a defining characteristic of their personality. Typically this leads to discussion and heated debate of favorite albums, songs, band members and concerts. Turns out, the Beatles or Stones conversation is deeply personal, and a New Yorker’s discussion of food is no different.

Cowgirl margaritas

With that said, my favorite margarita comes from a quaint West Village eatery called Cowgirl. Margaritas are served in old school jars with a little cow ornament on the straw.  They come in a rainbow of inventive flavors, including: lime, mango, peach, strawberry, blood orange and melon, and are always enjoyed with good grub and the best company.

Runner Up: Rosa Mexicano Frozen Pomegranate Margarita. The pomegranate makes the drink unique and refreshing and is strong enough to convince me that ordering $14 guacamole and chips is a good idea.  Other than that, the drinks are pretty small and the restaurant a bit sceney for serving straightforward Mexican fare.

Most Interesting, Yet Delicious: Marfa‘s Marfarita. This surprisingly peppery beverage is described as “grapefruit/serrano chili infused tequila, fresh lime and grapefruit juices, sugar and a salt-rimmed glass.” The best part is that the drink is actually spicy and is garnished with a chili pepper!

Worst: Dallas BBQ. Yes, the margaritas are roughly the size of a fish bowl, but they are made with such an offensive artificial sugar syrup that they send me into immediate shock. To even call this place a BBQ joint is insulting when coming from the Midwest. Any meat dish is slathered in bland BBQ sauce to make up for its lack of authentic flavor and the overwhelming amount of tourists certainly don’t help the ambiance.



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