Naked Men in Madison Sq. Park!

Uh, sir, I believe you forgot your drawers!

There are now 31 naked men statues in Washington Square Park as part of a new public art exhibit called Event Horizon from Antony Gormley. These iron and fiber-glass figures can be found on rooftops, sidewalks and pathways of the park and have understandably drawn some confused attention from passersby.  A similar exhibit was seen in London in 2007 and was such a smash that a movement was made to bring it to NYC.

Event Horizon

Many people are all riled up about the statues on rooftops because, you know, they look like people contemplating jumping to their death like the 21 year old that jumped from the Empire State Building last night.   New Yorkers that were around for September 11 are particularly sensitive to this, so perhaps the exhibit failed to consider those sentiments when Gormley made the transition from London to New York.  NYPD attempted to notify the public that the exhibit was going up this week and that people were not, in fact, preparing to leap from the buildings but it doesn’t seem like everyone received the memo.

Honestly, I wasn’t so concerned when I first saw the exhibit. I’m a big fan of anything that helps spice up the Flatiron district. The statues actually called to mind the How I Met Your Mother episode when Barney tests the Naked Man seduction theory. Plus, there is a life-size Lenin statue on top of the Red Square building in the Lower East Side and nobody has mistaken that for a jumper. Then again, it’s Lenin.

So what do you think? Does this art installation offend you? Charm you? I know I’ll be steering clear of Madison Square Park if we have more hurricane-like windstorms blow through!



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