Stop the Sag!

Stop the Sag campaign

When I return to New York from a trip it usually takes a little piece of news or something ridiculous to snap me back into City Mode.  Today was no different. Behold the Stop The Sag Campaign.  New York Senator Eric Adams has used $2,000 of his own campaign money to post six billboards throughout Brooklyn encouraging young men to bring their trousers to waist-level.

“If we pick up our pants, we pick up our image,” Adams said in his PSA.  Typically I would find something like this campaign pretty frivolous, especially given that there has been an alarming increase of felonies in Brooklyn the past couple months and some political energy should be spent addressing that issue. But seriously, the sag is stupid. Yes, I had my fake JNCO’s back in the day and I will be the first to admit they were a completely absurd fashion statement. From a practical standpoint, how do these guys even keep their pants from falling down??  It seems like they walk with their knees bowed out like they’re starting the chicken dance and yank them up every 30 seconds. The best is when they need to go down a flight of stairs because they have to turn sideways to keep tension in the fabric so their jeans stay up. Clearly someone needs to introduce these guys to double-sided tape. Or better yet, stop the sag!


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