Easy Way to Meet Celebs (and BJ Penn!)

BJ Penn, my new BFF

BJ Penn, my new BFF

Celebs are in the water in New York City. With some 8 million people living and moving all around each other, you’re bound to see one at some point if you keep your eyes peeled. Over the past two years my roommates and I have collectively spotted various celebs on the streets, parks and cafes of NYC, including Diane Keaton, Zach Braff, Edward Norton, Matthew Broderick, Cynthia Nixon, Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, Chelsea Clinton and the list goes on.  Yesterday, however, a friend reminded me of a surefire way to see the celebs you want with just a little bit of a planning: a book signing!

Today I lined up with hundreds of other fans at the Wall St. Borders to see UFC fighting champ BJ Penn, who is currently promoting his new book Why I Fight: The Belt is Just an Accessory. As a true lightweight, Penn was pretty teeny, and as you can see from the picture that I almost look taller!  (Don’t be fooled, he could definitely kick my ass and everyone else’s, which explains his lack of security detail at this appearance!)

With just a bit of organization and a strategically planned lunch break, you could have the same fortune.  Both Borders and Barnes & Noble post book signings on their websites by store location. For example at the Fifth Ave. Barnes & Noble, Venus Williams will be signing her book on July 6. And beloved Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson will be singing books at the Columbus Circle Borders on July 6 also. How will you choose between the two?!

Next on my book signing schedule is my favorite world traveler and food enthusiast Anthony Bourdain’s signing on June 8th down at the Wall St. Borders!


One Response to “Easy Way to Meet Celebs (and BJ Penn!)”

  1. why do i not know any of these people?? I bet I’ve seen a celeb a few times, by default, my “idk” attitude blocks them out! haha jk I saw the cast of gossip girl in the diner across the street.

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