Census too Mainstream for Williamsburg


Oh hipsters, you’ve done it again. I am constantly amazed at how this one group of seemingly careless, yet effortlessly cool group of individuals manages to piss off such a large majority of Americans (all while retaining body fat percentages of less than 2 percent!).  In NYC, the hipster capital is Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which has recently boasted a pathetic Census return rate of 31 percent (national average is 68 percent)! First the 2010 Census won’t properly count Mexicans, and now the hipsters don’t even want to be counted!

Let me make this clear: hipsters don’t bother me much. This is not a rant about their ridiculous fashion statements, large-rimmed glasses or replacing the word “cool” with “deck.” (Seriously though, guys?) I listen to the same music that hipsters do and enjoy Williamsburg’s cheap micro-brews and brunches when I decide to cross the East River.  Ultimately, living in Williamsburg is not for me but I like to think we can peacefully co-exist in the city without much drama.  That is, until the hipsters went and pissed off two of my favorite news sources: NPR and Stephen Colbert.  Check out Colbert’s clip (Hipster bit starts at 1:50 mark. Sorry I couldn’t embed the clip here!).

Colbert on Hipsters

To me, this deserves a Scott Galloway-esque Get Your Shit Together! To Nate Stark who says “I guess it’s laziness and, like, what’s the point?” The point is that you are required by law to fill out the Census. You are not required by law to vote, but I suppose that voting would give you incrementally more hipster-cred than being counted.  To each their own, I suppose. At least my neighborhood will be counted and thus have enough tax dollars to plow the streets next winter, because hipster or not, nobody likes snow in their shoes.


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