Netflix Streams Instantly via Wii

I think it has been established that I love free stuff, so I was delighted when Netflix announced another free way to stream movies instantly to your T.V.— through a Nintendo Wii! Judging by the outgoing mail pile in my apartment building, nearly everyone has a Netflix membership, which is understandable because the nearest Blockbuster is a 15 minute walk.  Though everyone seems to be on the Netflix bandwagon, it seems many members are missing out on the Netflix Instant feature due to lack of a streaming device (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii or digital video player).

I am as non-techy as they come but the Wii deal seems to be pretty sweet and straightforward. I received a Wii as a Christmas gift a couple years ago, not realizing that my shoebox sized apartment would inhibit hard-core Wii sports action (I can span my arms and nearly touch all the walls in my “living room.”) Thus my otherwise dormant Wii now affords me access to Netflix Instant movies and T.V. shows with my existing $8.99 monthly membership.

Turns out, some people don’t know about Netflix Instant in the first place. For you slow-pokes, Netflix affords members access to B-rated movies (movies or T.V. shows that have been out awhile or may not be in high demand) to watch online or through one of its streaming devices. As much as I enjoy watching multiple T.V. series (hello Arrested Development and Friday Night Lights!) on my 10 inch laptop, it is not an ideal viewing experience. Enter Netflix Instant- Wii!

Right now Netflix is sending out discs for instant Wii streaming for free, and they’ll even give you 10% off your next month’s subscription just for setting it up.  The set-up was painless. I simply entered a disc and agreed to some terms and conditions and my Instant Queue became readily available, as well as other genres of DVDs and T.V. shows. The only drawbacks are that there is no search feature on the Wii and everything is in standard definition as opposed to HD.

This seems to be a pretty practical solution to expanding an On Demand library without the headache or expense of talking to Time Warner. I know streaming Netflix through an Xbox requires a $50 annual membership to Xbox Live, which is an unfavorable expense. Hopefully the Instant Wii version will remain free in the long-run to help ease the wait between Netflix DVD shipments. If you have a Wii and Netflix, get streaming already! If you’re looking for a good movie to kick off your instant viewing, Man on Wire is a good one and offers spectacular views of this great city.


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