Cherry Blossoms Abloom Across the City

Hey Washington D.C., we have cherry blossoms too!  D.C. gets a lot of press for their Cherry Blossom Festival that took place two weeks ago, and understandably because the trees are quite beautiful and perfectly line the streets of our nation’s capitol. A little less known fact is that New York City is home to quite a few cherry blossoms and that the Brooklyn Botanical Garden has a festival of their own— and the trees are in gorgeous peak bloom right now!

Turns out, the folks at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden overshot the cherry blooms by a couple weeks, as they scheduled the annual Sakura Matsuri festival for May 1 and 2. (I didn’t know what this was either. It is a Japanese “rite of spring festival” with dancing, tea and other events.) Should you decide to participate in Hanami, the Japanese tradition of viewing and appreciating cherry blossoms at every stage of their bloom, get over to the garden before they are past their peak. You can check the bloom status thanks to the garden’s handy bloom cycle map!

If you can’t make it there in person, check out these pictures or this nicely crafted time-lapse video!


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