NYPD Snubs Cyclists on Earth Day

So much for going green and promoting exercise! The NYPD had a rude Earth Day surprise for bike riders that call Houston St. home yesterday: they clipped the locks and took the bikes away!  The justification for such an assault on the city’s cyclists is that the police were instructed to clear all sidewalks for Obama’s route to Cooper Union for his big financial regulation speech.  Apparently, security officials feared bike bombs.  I didn’t realize bike bombs were the latest explosive trend, but I’m thrilled this latest security provision resulted in hundreds of bikes being recklessly thrown in a truck and carted away without prior notice or posters to cyclists. I’m sorry bikers, you totally got NYC’d.

For those that do not bike this metropolis, it is no small task. The traffic alone makes it treacherous; I’ve been in near-hit situations more times than I can count. On top of that, there is a horrific lack of bike racks or U-shaped bike posts for locking bikes.  And should you find a space to lock a bike, you need at least a $100 lock to semi-guarantee your precious bike won’t be stolen (contingent on presidential security raids, of course).

If your bike fell victim to the Houston bike raid, you can pick it up slightly more mangled than you left it at the 7th Precinct if you show a photo of you with the bike— because I always have one of those on hand?!


2 Responses to “NYPD Snubs Cyclists on Earth Day”

  1. The cops will make a killing selling the bikes and the bike shops will see a boom in their economic forecast for sales next month. A boost to the Obama economic recovery plan. Hope he doesn’t visit Leawood.

  2. Wouldn’t the bike have detonated while the police were removing them?

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