Monday Music Jam: Rings of Saturn

Oh hey, Monday, back so soon?

Some people don’t need much to gear up for the work week. I, on the other hand, have a specific playlist dedicated to pumping me up for Mondays, which I properly supplement with a big ol’ coffee and hope for the best. Today is pretty dreary weather-wise, so I was excited about any bit of edge to make this day a good one. That edge came in the form of Starbucks Via Ready Brew (surprisingly, not too shabby!), which my co-worker surprised me with this morning, and a new song released by my friend’s record label, Craze Factory Entertainment.  This is a helluva dance track so brace yourselves! (Consider that a warning for mellow music types.)  The song is written by Kinetics & One Love and produced by Jupiter Ace and is available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon. Add it to your iTunes library and pre-game playlists now. You’re welcome.


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