Frappuccino Happy Hour Bliss

In case you haven’t heard already, Starbucks is hosting happy hour allllll week from 3 to 5 p.m. with half-priced frappuccinos! Yes, the weather has been chillier than normal for May (and we secretly need something to complain about even though  it’s pretty darn beautiful outside), but everyone needs a Monday pick-me-up and this will get errr done.  I’m pretty sure this promotion is to rival McDonalds and publicize the new However-You-Want-It Frapp, which is slightly confusing because I thought I already ordered them however I wanted it: Tall, light coffee- implies skim and no whip right?! Wrong?  Since customization is the American way, there are now more options for those already spend three minutes deciding what to order.

First, is milk choice: skim, whole, 2% and soy. Big points for the soy option! Second, coffee intensity— caf or decaf. Next is syrup flavor, and my goodness there are a lot of options: coffee, mocha, caramel, peppermint, hazelnut AND coffee-free flavors like strawberries and cream, green tea, vanilla bean, double chocolaty chip and chai.  Lastly, there are toppings (whipped cream, chocolate shavings, mocha drizzle, etc.). This seems to give the customer more control over what they are ordering in lieu of pre-packaged mixes that were used before.  The great news is that ordering the Light Frapps, which use the natural sweetener Stevia, can still be 100 calories and under for a tall! The not-so-great news is that those people that took three minutes to order before will now take 13.

I’m heading over to SBUX now for my first, and hopefully last, frapp of the week!  Say what you want about Starbucks and their annoyingly overpriced, mass-manufactured culture and ubiquitous presence— those kids can make a drink! My roommates and I are beginning our a tedious apartment search so here’s to hoping this $2.57 Grande Soy Green Tea Frappuccino channels me to a beautiful parque floored, granite counter top, utilities included apartment.


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