Green Food Delivery Initiatives Spark Utensil Shortage

Ah, the joys of NYC food delivery. One of the luxuries of living in this fine town is that any cuisine is just a couple mouse clicks and less than an hour away from delivery to your doorstep.  The website SeamlessWeb, which aggregates all the restaurants that deliver to your particular building for online ordering, recently began a green initiative to curb the amount of plastic utensils and napkins delivered.  Many restaurants have jumped on the green bandwagon and now make you select “include utensils” instead of sending them by default. Check out the flyer I received from Lenny’s, one of my favorite lunch delis. (However, must note the hypocrisy of delivering non-recycled paper flyers to promote green initiatives!)


This green effort has sparked quite a run on eating instruments in the office!  My coworkers have been scrounging around various offices begging each other for forks and spoons. After thinking about it, I was using up to four plastic utensils each day to eat breakfast and lunch at work, which is 1,040 plastic utensils each year!  After a few days of searching each office drawer in vain for a fork, I decided to bring in my handy camping spork (a spoon, fork and knife in one). Utensil shortage solved!  Since my camping utensil is the brand Light My Fire, I also have the added bonus of singing the Door’s song every time I break it out for a meal.  The song has been in my head for a couple weeks now, so now you can have a listen too!


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