The City of Summer Street Fairs

Summer Countdown Series: 6 Days!

Ahh, summer is in the air! In just six days summer will officially start, which means a boatload of fun events hit NYC to distract us from the humidity and smell of garbage that will inevitably ensue by August. Now some of you may get all astronomical on me and say summer doesn’t officially start till June 21. False. As a child, the pool opened and orange Flintstone’s push-pops became a freezer staple on Memorial Day, and that will forever be the metric I use to start summer.  Thus, I present to you the Summer Countdown Series!  All week I will post something that promises summer greatness, beginning with the City of Street Fairs today. Get excited—I know you are.

New York is home to multiple street festivals every weekend. Though some neighborhoods are diligent about informing its residence about upcoming festivals and street closings, most people stumble upon them without intention.  Turns out, it can be rather difficult to cross town on Saturdays and Sundays in the summer with all the festivities.  The intoxicating scent of funnel cakes and all things fried typically offer a nice distraction and apology, however. Most fairs offer everything from handmade crafts to gyros and empanadas, ensuring that most ethnic food groups are adequately represented.

Fruit Stand at the 9th Ave. Street Fair

A couple weeks ago the Ninth Avenue International Food Fair popped up in my neighborhood. I was fortunate enough to hit the fair before the strollers and balloon animals took hold, which I recommend if you are not a crowd person. I’ve always been a sucker for fresh cut watermelon and baklava, which there was no shortage of at this fair! Pink watermelon stains on my white shirt? Hello, summer!

Here is a list of the upcoming festivals around town, so that you can properly avoid or indulge depending on your mood and patience level. For July and August check this site!

Friday May 28th– Grand Central Spring Fair (43rd Street from Lexington – 3rd Ave.)

Saturday May 29th– Lexington Avenue Spring Festival (Lexington Avenue from 42nd – 57th St.)

Sunday May 30th– The Annual Spring Jubilee (Lexington Ave. from 23rd – 34th St.)

Monday May 31st – Madison Avenue Community Expo (Madison Ave. from 42nd- 57th St.)

Friday June 4th– Tribeca Community Fair (West Broadway from Barclay – Warren St.)

Saturday June 5th–  International Cultures Festival  (6th Ave. from 42nd – 57th St.)

Sunday June 6th– Stuyvesant Park Neighborhood – 2nd Ave. Fair  (Second Ave. from 14th – 23rd St.)

Friday June 11th– Tribeca Food Festival  (West Broadway from Beach – Leonard St.)

Saturday June 12th– Lower Third Avenue Summer Festival  (3rd Ave. from 6th – 14th St.

Sunday June 13th– New York City Expo (3rd Ave. from 23rd – 34th St.)

Saturday June 19th– Times Square Expo (Broadway from 47th – 57th St.)

Sunday June 20th– The Turtle Bay Festival  (Lexington Ave. from 42nd – 54th St.)



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