The Making of a Proper Iced Coffee

Summer Series Countdown: 3 Days!

Nothing quenches the summer heat like a nicely made iced coffee.  Though seemingly simple, many coffee joints manage to botch this delicious cocktail by using hot coffee over ice, which results in a watered-down, room-temperature coffee—which is so not what I signed up for!  A proper iced coffee should start with room-temperature coffee, poured over 3/4 cups of ice. You can then add your preferred creamer and sweetner to fit your palate. It should be noted that Starbucks and Dunkin’ take it upon themselves to sweeten iced coffees for you (which adds about 60 calories), so you can ask them to skip the sweetener and customize it yourself.

Each coffee from Manon comes with a Leonidas chocolate!

Though I always tell myself I’ll make coffee at home to save an extra couple bucks, sometimes my desire for an afternoon pick-me-up sends me down to the coffee shop in my office building. This place has an ingenious business plan. Each beverage comes with a free gourmet, Belgian Leonidas chocolate, your choice of dark, milk or white chocolate.  In my pre-corporate life, I never craved coffee or chocolate, yet like a well conditioned Pavlov dog, I end up at Manon Cafe a few times a week for my caffeine fix (which is really just a chocolate fix disguised). I have no doubt that the chocolates accompanying each purchase are on the soon-to-expire list, so the store just doles em out to keep customers happy and loyal, and it’s totally working.  The suspense of which chocolate filling I might get is enough excitement to carry me through the day—caramel, praline, marzipan, truffle?!   The whole show is similar to my college bar that would sell penny pitchers of beer the day before they changed their kegs, to rid themselves of expiring inventory.  Brilliant!

So get on with your inner coffee-snob and find a good iced coffee to celebrate the start of summer! Only 3 days to go!


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