Mister Softee: An Uninhibited Ice Cream Cone

Summer Countdown Series: 1 Day!

With so much frozen yogurt buzz these days, a real soft serve ice cream cone is a rare treat. Luckily, there is a Mister Softee—or impostor—truck on many NYC street corners to answer the call.  The ice cream truck I had growing up only served ice cream or popsicles that came in pre-wraped packages (I preferred the Bugs Bunny with blue gumball eyes), so I was a little shocked to see a truck that could actually dispense soft serve ice cream on the spot. Then again, they have a truck for everything in New York: waffles, cupcakes, prayers (yes, really), etc.

Chocolate dipped cone. Yum!

Mister Softee Truck

Mister Softee is the classic ice cream truck of the Northeast, so most East Coasters seem unphased by its presence. It offers vanilla or chocolate soft serve cones, sundaes or shakes, bringing the traditional ice cream shop to an unassuming street corner. My poison of choice is typically a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles or dipped in chocolate. Mister Softee seems much creamier than other soft serve ice cream, or maybe that is just because most soft serve is now actually frozen yogurt. I respect Mister Softee for sticking to its full-bodied, high-caloric roots and rejecting the probiotics and “natural sweeteners” of the froyo crowd—something about its authenticity undeniably comes through in the taste. With over 600 trucks floating around the country, and even in China, it’s a good stop for a cool, summer treat!


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