The Official Summer Bucket List

Summer Countdown Series: IT'S HERE!!!

“Ohhhh we should totally do that this year!” Yes, we should. This is it—the summer I finally set out to check all those things off my Summer Bucket List that I have neglected in past years. By making this list public to you, beloved reader, I will now be held accountable for finally doing all the things I said I would over the years, and you’ll get to come along for the ride! No more excuses. Even the deadliest of hangovers and humidity will not stand in my way!  Without further adieu… I present the 2010 Summer Bucket List (in no particular order of priority):

  1. A.C. (Atlantic City)
  2. Walk the Coney Island boardwalk.
  3. See the Botanical Gardens.
  4. Run in the Run Amuck Festival.
  5. Party with the Jersey Shore cast in Seaside Heights. GTL, baby!
  6. Post up at the Queens Beer Garden.
  7. Get out to The Hamptons/ Fire Island.
  8. Visit the Natural History Museum.
  9. Visit the Met.
  10. Visit the Guggenheim.
  11. Visit the Whitney Museum before it moves.
  12. Visit MoMA.
  13. Have an outdoor movie picnic.
  14. Take the Staten Island Ferry.
  15. Eat at the new Cowgirl Seahorse at the Seaport.
  16. Drink sangria at Pier- i.
  17. See Central Park Summerstage.
  18. Make a picnic for Philharmonic in the Park.
  19. Try a Pop Bar.
  20. Canoe on the Hudson River.
  21. Boat cruise around Manhattan.
  22. Go to the U.S. Open.
  23. Explore Governor’s Island.
  24. Take a wine class.
  25. Tan my pasty 9 – 5 skin.

Please let me know if you feel inclined to join me on any of these adventures, or if I have missed any noteworthy excursions that should have made the cut!


6 Responses to “The Official Summer Bucket List”

  1. ok, there are at LEAST 5 items on there that I MUST be involved!!! Especially those Pop Bars….!

  2. What about the bronx zoo? I wanna do that so bad! And sign me up for staten island ferry day, that’s been on my list too!

  3. Good luck with getting your summer list done!


  1. Rediscovering Emily Dickinson at the NY Botanical Gardens « get NYC'd - June 2, 2010

    […] we took the 20 minute ride on the Metro North Railroad to see the gardens and fulfill my first Summer Bucket List item. As I was checking the Garden’s website for hours and admission (a whopping $20 per person!) […]

  2. Henri Cartier-Bresson rocks the MoMA « get NYC'd - June 4, 2010

    […] since it opened in April at the MoMA and I’m delighted that Number 12 has been checked off the Summer Bucket List.  The sixth floor of the museum currently houses hundreds of Cartier-Bresson’s photos, some […]

  3. Developing a Wine Palate at New York Vintners « get NYC'd - June 8, 2010

    […] After each course you have the opportunity to purchase the wines from the class for a discount. The wines we tasted ranged from $12 to $40 a bottle, providing a nice array of pricing options.  And since this girl is on a budget, I bought the tickets for the tasting through Groupon ($25 for a $50 ticket).  Even at full price, the class would be well worth it given the generous pours and informed staff. I will definitely be back to check out the classes with food pairings (pizza, pasta and cupcakes!) that use New York Vinter’s state-of-the-art kitchen space.  Oh, and check off Number 24 on the Summer Bucket List! […]

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