The NY Housewives Have Completely Lost It

It’s Thursday, which means the finale of the Real Housewives of New York City will bring us yet another drama and Pinot Grigio filled episode tonight on Bravo!  The New York Housewives used to be my favorite bunch (out of O.C., Hotlanta, Jersey) because they were women I could quasi respect. Unlike the O.C. wives that seemed dependent solely on their husbands for their bling and blonde hair, the NY crowd seemed to be pretty self-sufficient. Bethenny is a chef (yes, she really is Kelly), Jill has Zarin Fabrics, Alex works her own art gig and, hell, LuAnn even has her book and song to fall back on—and she’s falling pretty hard on that one.  But lately, the show has turned unbearable. There are never-ending cat fights and stories popping up in local news that leave me no other choice but to believe every one of the housewives is completely bat-shit crazy.  In anticipation of tonight’s episode, here’s the ridiculous gossip round-up on the housewives:

Kelly. Goodness, where to even start with this one?! She has actually made a PSA, filmed in her living room, to inform viewers of the dangers of bullying.  She politely tells us that bullying can occur from any age, 4 to 40 (thank you cue cards) and she has even been victim herself. Uh huh.  She must have a world-class P.R. staff on hand to try to spin this one.  Take your meds, girl.

Elegance is learned, my friends.

LuAnn. Now, I traditionally love the Countess. I do not, however, love her singing.  The video to accompany her single Money Can’t Buy You Class dropped last week and it is unbelievable. First, I give the woman props for looking downright amazing, though slightly unrecognizable, given her age.  But she is also the mother of two and lecturing on classy behavior while dressed in a  dominatrix outfit! Respect yourself, because no one else can change your path…

Sonja. I think Sonja is a breath of fresh air for this season. She appears rather grounded, funny and has a baller townhouse to boot. Though, I began to realize she seems the most normal probably because she has only been on the show for a few episodes, which means her true crazy colors have yet to fully shine through. She just got in a wink of DWI trouble out in the Hamptons over Mem Day weekend, so she isn’t a total disaster, but could head that way. I’m holding out hope for you yet, Sonja.

Jennifer (Gilbert). Remember her? The housewife that isn’t an official housewife, but runs around gossiping with all of them? Well, she’s suing because someone else has a company with the name Save The Date.  Petty, really. Does she really think this minor drama is going to get her in the ranks with Bethenny and Jill?!

Shockingly, Ramona, Jill and Bethenny have stayed out of the news the past couple of weeks, but surely tonight’s highly anticipated Jill/Bethenny reunion will stir the pot.  With this being the last episode and all, we can finally move past this train wreck and onto better television programming, like Bethenny’s Getting Married and the return of True Blood!


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