Weekend Reading: VF Summer Guide & Belmont Preview

Two critical pieces of literature came out this week that deserve some attention and fanfare.  First, is the highly anticipated Vanity Fair Summer Guide, which details summer events, concerts and outdoor spaces in NYC.  Second, is the Belmont Stakes Betting Guide.  So grab a fresh cup of coffee—or a mimosa if you’re joining me at the races today— and dig in!

The Vanity Fair Summer Guide

Every year VF’s Special Events Correspondent, Jessica Latham, releases this summer guide to keep everyone updated on the city’s hottest bars, restaurants and happenings for the summer. Some of it is your standard events calender-type jazz, but I was happy to see a few new gems in this year’s guide. Page 6 showcases the ever-changing roster of food trucks in this city. I’m definitely going to hunt down the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck, Waffles & Dinges and The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck before the summer is over!  Also to be noted is the impressive summer concert calendar on Page 19. Who wants to picnic with me on July 26th (my birthday!) for the Flaming Lips SummerStage show?

The Belmont Stakes Betting Guide

Today marks the 142nd Belmont Stakes. Given that I know very little about horse betting and quite a bit about mimosas, this means it is also the day I stand to lose a good $40 on senseless betting.  Though I’ve come to terms with this, I still like to be an informed loser, which means reading the Post’s Betting Guide. This handy little sheet kindly provides write-ups on each horse with their corresponding jersey colors (I’m a visual person). Most importantly, however, it gives the horses names in big, bold lettering so I can easily decide who will win solely based on their owner’s naming creativity.  So neglecting any statistical reasoning, here are my top three finishers:

  1. Game On Dude. Any Wayne’s World reference is a good thing in my book.  Dude also implies that the horse will be cool under pressure. Clearly this is a winner.
  2. Stay Put.  I can already hear the crowd cheering, “Come on, Stay Put!!!” and a good oxy-moron makes me smile.
  3. Ice Box. Street love.


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