Friday Morning with Norah Jones and Sarah McLachlan

Norah Jones performing at GMA's Summer Concert Series

There’s nothing like some live chick rock to start a Friday morning.  This morning my friends and I met up before work, plenty of coffee in tow, at Central Park to see Good Morning America’s Summer Concert featuring Norah Jones and Sarah McLachlan.  Each Friday in the summer both GMA and the Today show host concerts that are free and open to the public, provided you are willing to get up at the crack of dawn to be there!

I was deterred from such concerts before because of morning work obligations and the fact that I prefer not to be herded like cattle before noon. This time, however, one of my friends came through with V.I.P. passes and since I adore Norah Jones I decided to cave after all these years of resistance.  Instead of arriving around 7 a.m. with the rest of the general public, our V.I.P. passes afforded us an hour of extra sleep and when we arrived around 8 a.m. we were taken right to the front, with dazzling views of Sarah, Norah and politico-turned-morning anchor, George Stephanopoulos.  With the smell of Hill Country BBQ still lingering from the cooking segment of GMA, the artists began playing songs from their new albums.

I was impressed by the raw talent of both Norah Jones and Sarah McLachlan, as both sounded exactly like they do on their records.  After laying low in the music industry for a few years, McLachlan rocked out on the grand piano with her single Heartbreak.  Jones played songs from her album The Fall, which is a fantastic investment if you don’t already own it. Here is the song I’m Gonna Be off of that album that she performed today on her vintage keyboard:

The full is list of upcoming GMA concerts can be found here.  I would recommend arriving in the 6 o’clock hour if you’re planning on seeing Miley or the Jonas Brothers… and bringing ear plugs!


One Response to “Friday Morning with Norah Jones and Sarah McLachlan”

  1. sounds like a great time. hopefully it was on your bucket list.

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