New Cigarette Tax Kills the Old 10 Dolla Holla

60 cents a pop!

A couple years ago when I was comfortably working at an investment bank called Lehman Brothers, things began to look grim.  The stock price plummeted to $3 per share, there were rumors of a buyout or bankruptcy, and the employees were bugging out.  One day a co-worker turned to me in frustration and said, “Screw this. I’m going out for a 10 Dolla Holla.” I had no idea what she was talking about, but I was intrigued and followed to get some fresh air. Turns out, her 10 Dolla Holla was a simple pack of cigarettes and she proceeded to smoke the entire pack in one sitting, excluding two cigs she generously gave away. (Yes, a pack of cigarettes costs straight up $10 in Manhattan. How’s that for taxes?) Today the city announced that it will be adding an extra $1.60  in tax to a pack of cigarettes starting July 1. At 60 cents a pop, I really hope those cancer sticks are worth it to all you smokers.

Anyway, this bit of tax news calls to mind a segment I did on my first blogging venture with my buddy Lauren two years ago. I compiled a list of 10 Dolla Hollas since the concept is genius but we’re not all smokers and everyone deserves a mid-day pick-me-up for $10 or less! In honor of the death of the original 10 Dolla Holla, I present the following, arguably healthier, alternatives to achieve a fleeting blissful state (the non-smoker’s buzz):

Little Pie Co: Sour Cream Apple Walnut hollaaa

  1. A mini pie from the Little Pie Company. Preferably Sour Cream Apple Walnut, their specialty.
  2. A ticket to an improv comedy show at Upright Citizens Brigade.
  3. A new album from iTunes.
  4. A trip to the Whitney Museum of American Art. Tickets are $5 (instead of $18) through June 23 and pay-what-you-wish on Friday nights.
  5. A small Whitey Board for your daytime doodles.
  6. Ice Cream. The Light Choice. Pinkberry. Mister Softee. All will do the trick.
  7. A pack of crazy bands. I don’t understand this popular adolescent trend whatsoever, but adults and kids seem to be fascinated by the bracelets.
  8. A yoga class at Yoga To The People.  Let it go on the mat—each class is just a $10 suggested donation, making it one of the cheapest classes in the city.
  9. A fresh fruit smoothie or bucket of fruit salad from a street cart.
  10. A margarita, or whatever your poison.

Did I miss any of your favorite 10 Dolla Hollas?



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    […] arguably only out $10 if slot machine play is your thing, meaning gambling and guidos are a mere 10-Dolla holla and two and a half hours […]

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