Play New York a Song, You’re the Piano Man!

New York is home to many aspiring musicians and now they, along with the normal passersby, will have the opportunity to play their tunes on one of 60 public pianos set up across the city.  The news has been abuzz with photos from the latest public art installation, Play Me I’m Yours, which peppered each borough of New York on Monday with whimsically painted upright pianos.  This type of installation has already hit towns like Birmingham, London, Sydney, Sao Paulo and will be headed to Bristol and Barcelona later this year.

Times Square piano

I have to say, this is quite a step up from the naked statue installation in Madison Sq. Park, or the decorated cows that came to NYC in 2000.  Though I love the cow exhibit (I am a proud owner of a mini Jazzy Cow from the Kansas City installation), they could only be admired from afar, versus the pianos which are completely interactive and beautifully decorated themselves.  The art exhibit truly demonstrates that music is a universal language, as I saw Israeli and Chinese tourists enthusiastically applauding each other at the Times Square location last night. Each piano is affixed to a solid structure (like a lamppost or trashcan) so that it cannot be stolen and also comes with a rain shield since wood is no match for a downpour.  I hit the streets last night to see a few of the pianos and you can see those pictures here.  Now is the time to brush up on your Chopsticks and Heart & Soul before the exhibit ends on July 3!

Astor Place piano

City Hall piano, with yours truly at the keys


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