Just Say OM(G): Yogi World Record in Central Park

Yogis gather in Central Park Tuesday night for free class. (photo by b. mccord)

I don’t think anyone doubts that New Yorkers have a bit of crazy in them and Tuesday night’s free yoga class only adds further evidence. Despite sprinkles and threats of heavy rain, more than 10,000 yogis gathered for a free yoga class in Central Park and broke a world record in the process. The event was sponsored by cultural event website Flavorpill and Jet Blue, which provided free yoga mats and SmartWater (my, that’s a lot of plastic for an eco-conscious crowd!).  Though I thought about attending, the thought of surrounding myself with 10,000 New Yorkers in an open field would more likely bring on a panic attack than a state of Zen.

yoga with umbrellas

The more I read about the event, however, the more I realize it combines the elements that define New Yorkers. Stubborn. Cheap. Healthy. Cultural. Passionate. One of my friends was reading an article on this event with me and exclaimed, “Only in New York!” Yes, I agree.  There may be 10,000 Buddhist monks practicing yoga simultaneously in Tibet but Lord knows they wouldn’t have corporate sponsors or world record judges present.


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