How Not to Decorate a 5th Ave. Penthouse

It looks like Rush Limbaugh is leaving town (many tears!) after selling his penthouse apartment on 86th St. and 5th Ave. for an easy $11.5 million.  Though a bit under the initial listing price of $12.95 million, he stands to make decent cash off of the sale considering he bought it for under $5 million back in 1994.  It appears, however, he probably dumped a sizable amount of money into some hideous decorating so his actual return on the property is unknown.

rush bedroomAnd I’m serious when I say hideous decorating— this place looks like an illegitimate love child between the Palace of Versailles and a 1980’s J.C. Penny catalogue.  The listing alluded to a high-fashion apartment, boasting hand painted gold leaf moldings and wall murals by artist Richard Smith (arguably not much to brag about there). I think the most offensive room revealed to the media has to be this beachy bedroom with the crashing wave wall mural.  Listen Rush, this apartment is in New York, you have a $40 million get-up down in Palm Beach that opens up to the real thing, why did you have to stoop to this tacky mural?  Furthermore, there is no walking space in this room!  The bed, with its velvet pillows and posts Gaudily adorned with pineapples, goes all the way up the wall.  The room looks like a poorly executed tiki-hut replica, only instead of stepping out into sand and fresh ocean air, you roll into a shoddy wall painting and NYC’s finest smog.

I suppose bedroom decorating is some mighty tricky personal business and probably best left to the many genius gay designers running around town. Check out this celeb bedroom matching game Flavorwire has up today. (Hint: one  is the Flaming Lips!) In the meantime, we’ll send Rush off to lower state tax pastures and pray, for his sake, that his Palm Beach abode has more taste!


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