MMMPop! Cooling Off with Gelato on a Stick

Popbar sorbet and gelato!

In the ever-evolving world of frozen desserts we now have a new contender: Popbar Gelato!  Summer can lead to fro-yo burnout, I mean, Tasti D (I refuse to call it The Lite Choice) only has some 100 rotating flavors and Pinkberry is now just too predictable. Enter Popbar—gelato on a stick!

This little West Village shop offers gelato, sorbetto or frozen yogurt (you knew there was no real escape) all on a stick and with customizable toppings ($3.99 – $4.99).  Their ingredients are all natural and most are even imported from Italy, bringing some legit quality to the scene.  From there you can dunk the pop into one of their premium imported dips: dark, milk or white chocolate. Keep dreaming and add one of the following toppings: almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, shredded coconut, granola or biscotti. Oh la la!

Last weekend, my friends and I were trolling around the West Village and I insisted on fulfilling this Bucket List activity because we needed a break from the lovely 99 degree weather.  I ordered a pistachio popbar with white chocolate and shredded coconut.  It was a pretty delicious and refreshing treat. The only problem arose when I stepped outside and it began dripping relentlessly, quickly covering my arm and leg in melted pistachio ice cream. I felt and looked like a helpless 5-year-old in serious need of a wet-wipe. My friends tried the strawberry sorbet and chocolate gelato bars—all received rave reviews.  Shortly after we broke out into an altered rendition of Hanson’s MMMPop!

Popbar's flavor variety



One Response to “MMMPop! Cooling Off with Gelato on a Stick”

  1. Boy, do those look and sound great!

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