Summer is Ovah: Bucket List Assessment

Here we are, barreling undeniably into scarf and soup weather. Granted, I employ both of these things year-round, it is just now more culturally acceptable and encouraged as the breezes pick up and September slips away. Since I work in a numbers business it would only be responsible of me to revisit and assess my success of completing the Summer Bucket List. Taking a quick visual sweep of that page, you’ll notice a handful of un-linked items remain—16 out of 25 to be exact. (I count “Tan My Pasty 9-5 Skin” as completed because I have a delightfully nerdy watch tan-line from July that refuses to fade.) That is 64 percent. As an A-student most of my life, this is quite a failure, literally, to you, dear reader!

#21: Proof of my previous boat cruise around Manhattan.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go throw myself a Debbie Downer pity party. True, I shamelessly neglected to Walk the Coney Island Boardwalk (#2) and Have an Outdoor Movie Picnic (#13), but there’s always next year. Actually I have had an outdoor movie picnic previously, Canoed the Hudson (#20) and Took a Boat Cruise Around Manhattan (#21). Perhaps we could adjust the score with these three past events to 76 percent (19/25) just so my mother doesn’t see a “F” score and go into cardiac arrest? As for museum cruising (Natural History, Met and Whitney), that can easily transition into a winter sport as we seek shelter from the frigid cross-winds that will surely take over the city in a couple months.

Tomorrow I am hopping a flight to France for the week and will be frolicking around Paris and the Loire Valley with my buddy Kate. I’ll have a post or two on those adventures, but you can expect the continuation of the Bucket List upon my return— over a pumpkin latte, of course!

#20: Free Kayaking on the Hudson.

#13: Free movie night at Bryant Park.


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