To Brita or Not to Brita?

NYC tap water has been branded as the best in the nation.  In fact, some clever entrepreneurs even started bottling it last year but considering it didn’t explode in popularity, I’m not sure that venture was much of a success.   NY Mag went to the trouble of testing NYC’s water a few months ago from 14 different sources in anticipation of the EPA’s plans to reexamine tap water standards. They found traces of a bunch of polysyllabic, scientific words (sodium, nitrates, trihalomethanes, iron, arsenic and calcium carbonate), but ultimately concluded that NYC’s water is safe for drinking (despite the traces of arsenic, which apparently, alarmed nobody but myself).

That test was conducted back in April, and a more recent analysis of NYC tap water has unveiled—wait for it—microscopic sashimi!  Our tap water apparently contains tiny crustaceans, known as “copepods.” Supposedly these creatures are harmless (though maybe not kosher!), but it brings back the decade-old question: should you Brita? My apartment responded with a resounding “yes.” We tend to err on the cautious side, and $7 Brita filters have been an expense staple for years now. (We also bought apartment insurance after a friend’s apartment flooded with sewage water.) If you see these copepods as a welcome, free protein to your liquid diet, then you are a braver soul than I am.  Bottoms up, NYC!

Copepods: the latest addition to NYC tap water!


3 Responses to “To Brita or Not to Brita?”

  1. Are you referring to my apartment on Roosevelt Island that flooded?! Remember when that lovely debacle happened? There was black water 4 inches deep with my dirty dishes floating in it throughout my apartment.. god I love New York.

  2. this is disturbing.

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