Miike Snow, a New Rooftop and a Light Show

Terminal 5's rooftop revealed

Just as summer ends, I discover another great Manhattan rooftop: Terminal 5.  This is a popular venue for rising musical acts, and one I have been to many times, yet somehow my friends and I always missed the rooftop. Last night my friend and I promptly showed up as doors opened (a rarity for sure), and were ushered upstairs.  Three flights of stairs later we ended up on a spacious rooftop that serves drinks $1 cheaper than the floors below. Sure, it’s October, but the crisp air is a welcomed break from the humidity that typically plagues rooftop bars throughout the summer.

As for the show, Miike Snow and the opener, Dragonette, were fantastic.  It seems that many indie bands are trending towards more sophisticated light shows this year in response to lagging album revenues. This show was no exception.  Terminal 5 is sometimes criticized for having lackluster acoustics but the sound was on point  as lead singer Andrew Wyatt carried their signature album sound into the live show. The set list (after a crazy intro) was as follows: Cult Logic, Burial, Black & Blue, A Horse Is Not A Home, Rabbit, Silvia, Plastic Jungle, Sans Soleil, Animal, In Search Of, Kids Don’t Stand A Chance.  The chief complaint with Terminal 5 is that it in the West Boonies (56th St. between 11th and 12th Ave.), and this is an admitted flaw of the venue which is why I don’t stay through the last song so I can hail a cab before fighting everyone else for one. I personally wasn’t into Miike Snow’s rendition of Kids Don’t Stand, which also helped justify the early departure.

Here’s a taste of the show last night; Miike Snow playing their most popular single, Animal:

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