Ground Zero Now Ground Three-Oh?


The current construction site at Ground Zero.


A couple days ago I was walking by the World Trade Center site and my friend stopped in awe, exclaiming, “Holy crap-it’s not just a big ol’ hole in the ground anymore!”  True, it is not. For the past couple years whenever visitors asked if they should take time to go by Ground Zero I always told them to skip it.  After all, it was a giant, gaping hole in the ground, with a high fence and there was nothing to really look at or admire.  Yes, it is still a big pile of construction but there are steel beams up to a third floor! My friend and I stood there for a few minutes, watching the cranes fling heavy rods of steel around (at which point I snapped the picture above) as we now approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  I’m still not sure that Ground Zero should be at the top of places to visit while on a short sojourn to NYC but there’s some pizazz here now—you can stare down the Mosque protestors, visit the new-ish WTC Tribute center, and now, admire construction progress for the 9/11 Memorial that is finally above sea-level!

Someday, it will all look like this:


9/11 Memorial rendering.



One Response to “Ground Zero Now Ground Three-Oh?”

  1. Cool post, Nicole. Good to see they’re making progress. There is a really cool shot of the contruction site and future rendering on the site’s page:

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