It’s Christmas Time in the City

Yes, yes, it’s that time of year. The holidays are quickly approaching (or if you’re Jewish, they’re here—Happy Hanukkah, by the way!) and the city has undergone its annual transformation into a winter wonderland, garnished with red ribbons and LED lights galore.  There really is only one way to describe it. New York at Christmas looks…wait for it… just like the movies!  There it is, the cliche, the way that out-of-towners repeat in awe as they watch skaters make a mess of themselves at Rockefeller Center and the only phrase that justly captures the city’s ambiance this time of year.

The movies are quite accurate. Just like Elf, Home Alone 2, Miracle on 34th St. and Ghostbusters II have shown us (you thought I was going to forget Ghostbusters II, didn’t you?), the city is quite magical this month.  With that magic it also grows grotesquely crowded.  Herald Square and Central Park South  the maneuvering skills of Adrian Peterson. At Macy’s you’ll hear more languages than you do at JFK. And our winter foe, the wind, is back with vengeance. There is a cure for this somewhat schizophrenic sentiment: strolling around with a freshly brewed hot chocolate in the company your friends and fam. Easy enough, right?

Let’s start on Fifth Ave. like most good shopping trips do. Fendi looks delightfully seasonal, but unfortunately I prefer to pay rent than buy shoes. Carrie Bradshaw would frown, but my credit score doesn’t.

Next up is my mother’s favorite: Saks.  The cosmetic floor transformed into a snowy Narnia of sorts and is by far my favorite interior of any department store in the city.

Here are those red ribbons I told you about adorning the shrubbery and light posts in Bryant Park.

Though it’s not as frigid as it will be in February, I always have to stop for some hot chocolate— part of the rules of a city stroll.

Arguably the most decked out restaurant in all of Manhattan: Rolf’s on Third Avenue. Who knew the Germans were so festive?!

Looks like someone found Dumbledore and he’s at the ABC Home store playing Santa! Seriously though, ABC Home has the most realistic looking Santa in all of Manhattan.  For those not familiar with the ABC Home empire, it is the most expensive shabby-chic home decor store in all the land, and now you can take a picture with their equally shabby-chic Santa!

Lastly, we will end at the Union Square Holiday Market to look at this year’s lot of craft tchotchkes and homemade treats.

Hope you enjoyed the stroll!  Happy December/ Holidays/ Hanukkah. It’s time to go watch Love Actually now, don’t you think?


4 Responses to “It’s Christmas Time in the City”

  1. Favorite part of the post… Carrie would frown but my credit score doesn’t! So witty! I miss Christmas in ny 😦

  2. Hi Nicole,
    Jeanie and Sarah, my sister-in-law & niece, sent me your blog. Well done!

    We used to live in midtown NYC so it’s fun to catch up.

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