The Subway Swagger

One of the most amazing, complex human creations is the subway system. Sure, here in New York the subway is a little smelly, grimy, rat-ridden, expensive and unreliable on the weekends but we pride ourselves on it anyway. Hey, at least we’re not driving some gas-guzzling SUV and contributing to global warming like our Midwest counterparts, right? Plus, we get to read our Kindle (or iPad) or listen to our music with our florescent hipster headphones while we commute on our environmentally friendly path to work. Subway superiority: established.

Chances are if you don’t think the subway is the superior mode of transit, you’ve quit reading by now. For you loyalists and fellow subway snobs, this post is for you. Today is Monday and chances are if you know your morning route inside and out, which you obviously do, when you got down to the subway platform you didn’t just stand there. No, you walked right past the crowd gathered at the bottom of the entry stairwell and walked until you were standing seemingly arbitrarily in the middle of the subway platform.

This act was entirely premeditated, however. You were just positioning yourself to be in the optimal subway car so that you wouldn’t have to walk far to the exit once you arrived at your destination. There are eight subway cars on an average train, so you have a 1 in 8 chance of choosing the right car (bonus points if you get the right door on the specified subway car!) This is the Subway Pre-Walk.

If you optimize your subway exit, you can fly right through those turnstiles before the rest of the crowd and escape to street level, fresh air and all. Let’s say that you botched the Subway Pre-Walk (which I know you would never do) and were forced to walk the length of six subway cars. Not only would this waste 53 seconds of your precious time, you’d be doing the Subway Walk of Shame. You will inevitably get stuck behind some mom with a stroller and a toddler, or perhaps a chatty group of high school girls drafting a text message to a BF. This is no way to start a morning… or a reputation.

That’s 53 extra seconds of the day that you can spend saving the world, primping yourself in the mirror or Tweeting. New Yorkers (and any other city friends that take the subway), may you go forth and rock your subway swag.


6 Responses to “The Subway Swagger”

  1. Great post! I always thought people would notice that I picked the perfect subway entrance/exit when I would take it, and now this confirms that others do it.

    Happy Vday!

  2. it happens the same here!

  3. We don ‘t have the subway in the UK but its the same with the tube system – luckily i get on at the first stop but its a bit of a push to get off once i reach my destination so optimum seat choice is crucial if i don’t want to feel haggered just from pushing off the train because some people seem to find it easier standing there staring than getting off to let you off and jumping back on!

    Subway/Tube/Underground MADNESS!

    Have a great monday! 😀

  4. haha! I totally do the same with the London Tube!

  5. Love this post! I know what you mean! I do this all the time or in my case I always make sure I get the first cart on my long journey on the 7 train because I hate standing on such a long ride. It always gets emptier faster in the front of the carts!

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