Mount Snow Winter Getaway (Post 1 of 2)

For as much time as people spend trying to get into NYC, many New Yorkers seem just as eager to leave it—if only for the weekend. When the winter snow turns a greasy grey in the city, it’s time to head for the pristine white snow on the slopes, and Mount Snow, VT provides a perfect escape. The Mount Snow resort is four to six hours from NYC, depending on your preferred driving speed and weather conditions. Welcome to my two-part series: Winter Getaway at Mount Snow—starting with the most obvious winter activity: skiing!

Upon arrival at Mount Snow, my travel group quickly hit up the ski rental and we were promptly outfitted with all the gear we needed. Some of my buddies even needed ski pants and the resort was kind enough to provide us with some spare waterproof attire to preempt any nasty wipe-outs. Note: If you want to get in with the mountain crowd, the proper word for “wipe-out” is now “Yard Sale.” Imagine every bit of gear you own unceremoniously strewn about the slope.

After gathering our goggles, hats, boots, boards/ skis we each set out for some private lessons. Though I had skied regularly as a child, I felt unbalanced on my skis and wanted a refresher so I didn’t pull a Sonny Bono on the slopes. Most of my contact with mountains the past couple years has been in a hiking capacity, so it was great to be reminded of things like leaning forward in the skis (instead of on the heel, like in hiking) while scaling the face of a mountain.

Growing up I was always spoiled by the tall, iconic ski resorts of Colorado and therefore inherently disappointed whenever I tried to ski in the Northeast. The runs seemed short, icy and expensive. Mount Snow proved to be different, however. The runs seemed adequately long and I didn’t spend my entire day on a ski lift.

It also helped that our ski instructor made sure we saw all the gems Mount Snow had to offer. Once we regained our ski legs he let us conquer the half pipe and then were perfectly positioned to watch snowboarders strut their stuff. He then made a point to take us to the North Face of the mountain, where there are absolutely stunning views and more challenging trail runs. The top of the mountain provides the perfect place to break out the wide-angle camera lens and take in the gorgeous Somerset Reservoir (pictured above).

After surviving an entire afternoon without falling off the ski lift, hosting a Yard Sale or hitting a tree, my ski/ blogging buddy from Living With My Parents Is Cool and I were feeling rather victorious. Here is a picture to further document our success. Please note smiles, gear retention and the lack of other people in the photo. If you have the luxury of hitting Mount Snow on a weekday, do it. It’s an entirely serene experience in contrast to the crowd-plagued weekends and holidays.

Just when we thought our legs were giving out for the afternoon we grabbed a hot chocolate and prepared for our next adventure: snowmobiling. Stay tuned for the second Mount Snow post later this week!


For those of you planning your own getaway, you already know ski costs can be directly proportional to the amount of fun to be had. Lift tickets for adults are $79/day on weekends and $72/day during the week. Equipment rentals were reasonable at $39/ day for skis and snowboarding gear. My crew stayed at the Snow Lake Lodge, which has various pricing options and also condos that can fit large groups. I recommend the condos because they allow for cooking in, which will ultimately save you money on food expenses.


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