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When Do You Become A New Yorker?

When does one officially become a New Yorker?  The barriers of entry to the city are pretty low, as evidenced by Kim Kardashian’s recent move to the city in the wake of many California reality stars, but there is something to be said for longevity in this town. Whether or not you are a true […]

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The NYC Christmas Tree Hunt

Every household develops traditions around the holidays that incorporate decorating in some capacity and my humble apartment is no different.  Many of my friends have warmly expressed concern that my shoebox sized living quarters prohibit such holiday fanfare and I attempt to explain that while the decorating happens, it’s just on a much smaller scale. […]

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The essential sauces: Gates and Jack.

Making a KC BBQ Droolfest in NYC

Living in New York it’s no secret that we eat like kings—every cuisine imaginable is a quick walk or subway ride away so I always find it a little ironic when I crave a nice home-grilled meal or some KC BBQ amidst such culinary greatness.  I’ve talked before about the reactions I get when people […]

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Apartment Arbitrage One-Month Evaluation

One month ago my roommates and I excitedly moved cross-town to a humble, walk-up apartment nestled above an adorable café.  Since the three of us made the transition together many of our friends asked “Why, oh, why are you bothering moving then??”  This was a legitimate question, which we answered with a bit of a […]

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Lessons From a New York Move

This week marks the two-year anniversary since my roommates and I moved into the sweltering concrete jungle of New York City. We learned many things from our cross-country move, but we discovered recently that we were rather clueless about moving cross-town.  Last week we moved downtown 20 blocks, and cross-town 10 blocks to our lovely […]

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The NY Housewives Have Completely Lost It

It’s Thursday, which means the finale of the Real Housewives of New York City will bring us yet another drama and Pinot Grigio filled episode tonight on Bravo!  The New York Housewives used to be my favorite bunch (out of O.C., Hotlanta, Jersey) because they were women I could quasi respect. Unlike the O.C. wives that […]

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The NYC Apartment Hunt

The hunt for the perfect New York City apartment is nothing short of miserable. I thank Friends and Sex and the City for wildly distorting my views of what a Manhattan apartment actually looks like but alas, I have leveled with the reality of the renting situation: I will overpay to live in a shoebox […]

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Discovering Chelsea’s Flower District

Orchids, tulips and peonies, oh my! I have heard tales of NYC’s flower market and that it offers a distant sister to the old-fashioned meat markets where purists rise at 5 a.m. to secure the best and freshest produce.  Located on 28th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues, Manhattan’s flower district is home to a […]

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Bedbug. Actual size is .25 inches

Nighty, night. Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

Turns out, the phrase comes from somewhere and it isn’t pretty. These little blood-sucking insects live in your mattress and feed off you unnoticed while you sleep, leaving a wake of itchy, mosquito-ish bites. As if that isn’t miserable enough, to get rid of these suckers (literally) it will probably cost you over $1,000. The […]

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