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The Subway Swagger

One of the most amazing, complex human creations is the subway system. Sure, here in New York the subway is a little smelly, grimy, rat-ridden, expensive and unreliable on the weekends but we pride ourselves on it anyway. Hey, at least we’re not driving some gas-guzzling SUV and contributing to global warming like our Midwest […]

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When Do You Become A New Yorker?

When does one officially become a New Yorker?  The barriers of entry to the city are pretty low, as evidenced by Kim Kardashian’s recent move to the city in the wake of many California reality stars, but there is something to be said for longevity in this town. Whether or not you are a true […]

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Strawberry Fields Forever

One byproduct of living in New York is growing jaded from the buildings and sites that once attracted you initially to the city. I now see Times Square as a neon tourist trap and officially branded the iconic Macy’s in Herald Square as the worst department store in the city. There are a couple places, […]

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It’s Christmas Time in the City

Yes, yes, it’s that time of year. The holidays are quickly approaching (or if you’re Jewish, they’re here—Happy Hanukkah, by the way!) and the city has undergone its annual transformation into a winter wonderland, garnished with red ribbons and LED lights galore.  There really is only one way to describe it. New York at Christmas […]

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Why NYC Kids Rock

NYC kids are a funny bunch. I generally try to avoid children in my day-to-day life, and fortunately live in a neighborhood where they aren’t prevalent, but my brief encounters with kids in this city never cease to entertain. I’m not sure if it’s the constant exposure to adults and adult conversation or just city […]

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The Rat Race: NYC Style

First it was the bed bugs and now it’s the rats.  Though these growing plagues are not of Black Death proportions, they’re concerning enough that Senator Perkins took it upon himself to survey 5,000 New Yorkers on their rat sightings.  The results of his survey are in, showing that a not-so-alarming 99 percent of New […]

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12 Hours in NYC

Before I set off to France I checked one of my all-time favorite blogs for food and French life, Chocolate & Zucchini. If Clotilde Dusoulier isn’t in your life, she should be. I came across an intriguing Paris post she wrote entitled, 12 Hours in Paris, which answers the question: If you had only twelve […]

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Survivor NYC: How to Get Off the Island

Since I moved to New York I have developed an assortment of seemingly irrational fears. I fear that an air conditioning unit is going to fall from a building as I walk underneath. I fear that that the liquid dripping from those air conditioning units isn’t really water, but rather some radioactive chemical that is […]

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Hate to Love It: New York Annoyances

Us New Yorkers are a picky bunch. We’re particular about our pizza, our coffee, our walking speed, our subway etiquette, and the list goes on.  This morning the NY Post dutifully surveyed New Yorkers on their greatest grievances, and even broke the results down by borough, which can be seen below. Survey takers could choose […]

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Dining at NYC’s Culinary Summit: Momofuku Ko

When it comes to Momofuku, people fall into one of two camps: they either know exactly what you’re talking about or they look at you like, “You called me a momo-what?!” For those that know Momofuku and I say I went to Momofuku Ko last night, I probably just earned the culinary street cred equivalent […]

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