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The Importance of Being Earnest Review

The play has been resurrected many times in the past century since Oscar Wilde’s first writing in 1895, but few renditions match the perfect execution of the Roundabout Theatre Company’s performance at the American Airlines Theatre. I remember first reading The Importance of Being Earnest for an English class in high school and fell in […]

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strawberry fields

Strawberry Fields Forever

One byproduct of living in New York is growing jaded from the buildings and sites that once attracted you initially to the city. I now see Times Square as a neon tourist trap and officially branded the iconic Macy’s in Herald Square as the worst department store in the city. There are a couple places, […]

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A Journey Through the American Museum of Natural History

In the spirit of January I made resolutions for the New Year and revisited last year’s failures. The word failure is so dramatic, isn’t it? Well, I’m not here to get all Dear Abby on you, just to say that I reexamined the Bucket List from last summer and am proud to report that I […]

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Miike Snow, a New Rooftop and a Light Show

Just as summer ends, I discover another great Manhattan rooftop: Terminal 5.  This is a popular venue for rising musical acts, and one I have been to many times, yet somehow my friends and I always missed the rooftop. Last night my friend and I promptly showed up as doors opened (a rarity for sure), […]

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A Haunted Afternoon at the Guggenheim

I’m convinced there isn’t a much better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than brunching and going to a museum.  On Sunday I set out to do just that.  We dined at the quintessential NYC brunch spot, Sarabeth’s, and after aptly stuffing ourselves with Sarahbeth’s finest omelettes, pumpkin muffins and homemade jams (one of Oprah’s […]

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Flaming Lips Light Up Summerstage with Crowd Faves, Confetti and Cake

Ugh, the weather. It has been satanically hot, disgustingly muggy, unpredictably rainy and way over-discussed, but damn, last night was beautiful. It was one of those epic summer nights in the mid-80’s with a slight breeze and spotless sky—perfectly timed for an outdoor concert.  As the sun set and cast an orange glow over the […]

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NYC From a Photographer’s Lens

It’s no surprise that New York City is a Mecca for the artist types. Photographers, painters, writers—they’re all a dime a dozen, as they say. Recently I had a photographer friend visit for an extended-yet-still-felt-too-short weekend before his sojourn to Europe.  Not only do I love visitors, but I love artsy visitors because they always […]

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Picnic with the Philharmonic and Lang Lang

Despite sockets of heavy rain around the city last night, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and New York Philharmonic took the stage at the Great Lawn in Central Park for the annual Concerts in the Park series.  This is, quite possibly, my favorite summer event in NYC. I hear rainwater is pretty bad for wood instruments […]

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Play New York a Song, You’re the Piano Man!

New York is home to many aspiring musicians and now they, along with the normal passersby, will have the opportunity to play their tunes on one of 60 public pianos set up across the city.  The news has been abuzz with photos from the latest public art installation, Play Me I’m Yours, which peppered each […]

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Finding KC Love at the Upright Citizens Brigade

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre is one of a few raw and unpretentious places where you can see stellar improv comedy on the cheap.  By raw I mean you might be sitting on an old theater seat propped up by a milk crate and fastened together by Duck Tape, but for $5 or $10 you […]

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