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My first cucumber roll. An art in progress

Sushi Class: Roll With It

Sushi comes in many forms—the grab n’ go package, the dodgy half price buffet and, of course, the classy over-priced restaurant with the open kitchen so you can admire the chef’s handy work.  Out of my experience in all three types of establishments, I always come away with utter admiration for the sushi chef. Even […]

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The Importance of Being Earnest Review

The play has been resurrected many times in the past century since Oscar Wilde’s first writing in 1895, but few renditions match the perfect execution of the Roundabout Theatre Company’s performance at the American Airlines Theatre. I remember first reading The Importance of Being Earnest for an English class in high school and fell in […]

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A Journey Through the American Museum of Natural History

In the spirit of January I made resolutions for the New Year and revisited last year’s failures. The word failure is so dramatic, isn’t it? Well, I’m not here to get all Dear Abby on you, just to say that I reexamined the Bucket List from last summer and am proud to report that I […]

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Guest Post: NYC’s Best Game Bars

If your Fantasy Football team is performing as horribly as mine this year, you may need some other ways to validate yourself in competition—with a beer in hand, of course.  Look no further than your nearest New York game bar!  I just wrote my first post for EuroCheapo featuring various game bars around town where you […]

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CMJ Week: The List of Bad Band Names 2010 Edition

The third week in October is a loud one in NYC. It marks the annual CMJ Music Marathon where thousands of musicians, critics, producers and fans (of course!) gather to share ideas about the industry and check out rising artists.  The CMJ schedule is nothing short of an organizational masterpiece.  Various bands play simultaneously at […]

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Miike Snow, a New Rooftop and a Light Show

Just as summer ends, I discover another great Manhattan rooftop: Terminal 5.  This is a popular venue for rising musical acts, and one I have been to many times, yet somehow my friends and I always missed the rooftop. Last night my friend and I promptly showed up as doors opened (a rarity for sure), […]

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The Magic of Arthur Ashe Stadium and the U.S. Open

Today marks Day 12 of the U.S. Open and the finest tennis athletes in the world will continue onto the semi-finials in this Grand Slam competition.  Growing up I strayed from the country club sports so I am surprised at how much I have grown to adore this sporting event.  I would consider myself more […]

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Play New York a Song, You’re the Piano Man!

New York is home to many aspiring musicians and now they, along with the normal passersby, will have the opportunity to play their tunes on one of 60 public pianos set up across the city.  The news has been abuzz with photos from the latest public art installation, Play Me I’m Yours, which peppered each […]

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Finding KC Love at the Upright Citizens Brigade

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre is one of a few raw and unpretentious places where you can see stellar improv comedy on the cheap.  By raw I mean you might be sitting on an old theater seat propped up by a milk crate and fastened together by Duck Tape, but for $5 or $10 you […]

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Here’s the Deal with Memphis the Musical

So Memphis won the prestigious Tony Award for Best Musical yet many people have still never heard of it. Granted, the people I have been talking to might not keep pace with the ever-changing Broadway scene, though they would have ignored quite a few city bus posters and cab videos to completely miss Memphis’ debut […]

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