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The NYC Christmas Tree Hunt

Every household develops traditions around the holidays that incorporate decorating in some capacity and my humble apartment is no different.  Many of my friends have warmly expressed concern that my shoebox sized living quarters prohibit such holiday fanfare and I attempt to explain that while the decorating happens, it’s just on a much smaller scale. […]

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Apartment Arbitrage One-Month Evaluation

One month ago my roommates and I excitedly moved cross-town to a humble, walk-up apartment nestled above an adorable café.  Since the three of us made the transition together many of our friends asked “Why, oh, why are you bothering moving then??”  This was a legitimate question, which we answered with a bit of a […]

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NYC Doorman Strike Looming

The threat of  city-wide strike involving apartment superheroes (handymen, doormen and porters) is growing closer to a reality. These unionized workers are working to reach an agreement before Tuesday evening, April 20,2010 to negotiate higher wages, else a strike will commence on April 21st, leaving Manhattan’s doorman building residences in a bit of a tizzy!  Most […]

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Bedbug. Actual size is .25 inches

Nighty, night. Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

Turns out, the phrase comes from somewhere and it isn’t pretty. These little blood-sucking insects live in your mattress and feed off you unnoticed while you sleep, leaving a wake of itchy, mosquito-ish bites. As if that isn’t miserable enough, to get rid of these suckers (literally) it will probably cost you over $1,000. The […]

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