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strawberry fields

Strawberry Fields Forever

One byproduct of living in New York is growing jaded from the buildings and sites that once attracted you initially to the city. I now see Times Square as a neon tourist trap and officially branded the iconic Macy’s in Herald Square as the worst department store in the city. There are a couple places, […]

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Flaming Lips Light Up Summerstage with Crowd Faves, Confetti and Cake

Ugh, the weather. It has been satanically hot, disgustingly muggy, unpredictably rainy and way over-discussed, but damn, last night was beautiful. It was one of those epic summer nights in the mid-80’s with a slight breeze and spotless sky—perfectly timed for an outdoor concert.  As the sun set and cast an orange glow over the […]

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Picnic with the Philharmonic and Lang Lang

Despite sockets of heavy rain around the city last night, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and New York Philharmonic took the stage at the Great Lawn in Central Park for the annual Concerts in the Park series.  This is, quite possibly, my favorite summer event in NYC. I hear rainwater is pretty bad for wood instruments […]

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Just Say OM(G): Yogi World Record in Central Park

I don’t think anyone doubts that New Yorkers have a bit of crazy in them and Tuesday night’s free yoga class only adds further evidence. Despite sprinkles and threats of heavy rain, more than 10,000 yogis gathered for a free yoga class in Central Park and broke a world record in the process. The event […]

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Friday Morning with Norah Jones and Sarah McLachlan

There’s nothing like some live chick rock to start a Friday morning.  This morning my friends and I met up before work, plenty of coffee in tow, at Central Park to see Good Morning America’s Summer Concert featuring Norah Jones and Sarah McLachlan.  Each Friday in the summer both GMA and the Today show host […]

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Cherry Blossoms Abloom Across the City

Hey Washington D.C., we have cherry blossoms too!  D.C. gets a lot of press for their Cherry Blossom Festival that took place two weeks ago, and understandably because the trees are quite beautiful and perfectly line the streets of our nation’s capitol. A little less known fact is that New York City is home to quite a […]

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Jumanji: Game Over

So remember a couple weeks ago when someone broke out the NYC Jumanji board and the city had a coyote gallivanting through Central Park and dolphins swimming  in the East River?  Well, someone rolled the dice to end the game as the coyote was just captured in TriBeCa. It took four patrol cars, four unmarked […]

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Well, folks, it looks like NYC’s wildlife population is expanding from rats, squirrels and pigeons to include dolphins and coyotes! The Fire Department has been following a dolphin swimming freely in the East River and Newton Creek .  The animal has not shown hostility thus far, which is more than we can say for Shamu […]

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