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Yes, NYC, That Happened

I awoke today to a message from my friend that read, “D.C. had an earthquake this morning.” Considering she works for the government and has Secret Service details that can correctly identify her perfume scent (true story), I figured she was probably safe.  I then decided to check in with some other friends living in our […]

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Rough Day for the Subway

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past eight hours, you have probably heard the sad story of the suicide bombers that killed dozens in Moscow this morning. In response the NYPD amped up surveillance in the NYC subway today, but that doesn’t seem to have had much effect on some weird […]

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The 2010 Census makes no sensus?

The 2010 Census arrived in NYC last night with much excitement. After it took my roommates and me all of three minutes to fill it out in its entirety, we felt the process was pretty anticlimactic compared to voting.  This sense of disappointment quickly changed today when my coworker, who I aptly call the Mexican’t […]

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