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New Cigarette Tax Kills the Old 10 Dolla Holla

A couple years ago when I was comfortably working at an investment bank called Lehman Brothers, things began to look grim.  The stock price plummeted to $3 per share, there were rumors of a buyout or bankruptcy, and the employees were bugging out.  One day a co-worker turned to me in frustration and said, “Screw this. I’m going out […]

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NY Schools Perpetuate Stupidity in Math

I tend to be a pretty optimistic person.  Every once and awhile, however, I come across a piece of news that is so appalling that I have no other choice but to conclude that our world, America specifically—now with New York at the helm, is close to a tremendous fall from glory. This morning a […]

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The 2010 Census makes no sensus?

The 2010 Census arrived in NYC last night with much excitement. After it took my roommates and me all of three minutes to fill it out in its entirety, we felt the process was pretty anticlimactic compared to voting.  This sense of disappointment quickly changed today when my coworker, who I aptly call the Mexican’t […]

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