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Ringing in the New Year with Reflexology

It seems everyone has superstitions about starting the new year. Most of these involve going to the gym immediately to kick off the month of January, which effectively angers the rest of the population that has been going all year. This year, I decided to embark on a relaxing entry to 2011 with my best […]

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Just Say OM(G): Yogi World Record in Central Park

I don’t think anyone doubts that New Yorkers have a bit of crazy in them and Tuesday night’s free yoga class only adds further evidence. Despite sprinkles and threats of heavy rain, more than 10,000 yogis gathered for a free yoga class in Central Park and broke a world record in the process. The event […]

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Celebrations Underway for Diabetes Awareness Day

That’s right, March 23rd is American Diabetes Alert Day. I know, how could you miss a celebration like this?!  Well don’t worry, our favorite food chains have picked up the slack and offered promotions for such an occasion. First, the fine folks at Starbucks started the morning with a free pastry with any beverage purchase.  […]

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Bedbug. Actual size is .25 inches

Nighty, night. Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

Turns out, the phrase comes from somewhere and it isn’t pretty. These little blood-sucking insects live in your mattress and feed off you unnoticed while you sleep, leaving a wake of itchy, mosquito-ish bites. As if that isn’t miserable enough, to get rid of these suckers (literally) it will probably cost you over $1,000. The […]

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