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Zee Blizzard of 2010

As it turns out, there’s a bit of snow in the Northeast right now. So much, in fact, that news stations have taken to calling it Blizzageddon, Snowpacolypse, or, the PC version courtesy of CNBC, The 2010 Winter Storm of Epic Proportions. Whatever branding you fancy, it’s pretty clear that NYC is buried. All airports […]

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The Cordoba Movement

If nothing else, New York City is a place to reinvent yourself. Apparently that’s exactly what the folks of Park 51 are doing.  You may better recognize the name Park 51 as the Ground Zero Mosque or Cordoba House, which garnered the attention of Americans nationwide and even moose-shootin’ Sarah Palin a few months back. […]

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The Rat Race: NYC Style

First it was the bed bugs and now it’s the rats.  Though these growing plagues are not of Black Death proportions, they’re concerning enough that Senator Perkins took it upon himself to survey 5,000 New Yorkers on their rat sightings.  The results of his survey are in, showing that a not-so-alarming 99 percent of New […]

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Ground Zero Now Ground Three-Oh?

    A couple days ago I was walking by the World Trade Center site and my friend stopped in awe, exclaiming, “Holy crap-it’s not just a big ol’ hole in the ground anymore!”  True, it is not. For the past couple years whenever visitors asked if they should take time to go by Ground […]

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The Ground Zero Mosque Mania

So the “Ground Zero Mosque” essentially got the go-ahead for construction when the Landmark Preservation Commission did not grant the location landmark status. Despite straying from political and religious commentary on this site, I feel that this issue has become so highly polarized for New Yorkers and Americans that I now feel compelled comment on […]

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Yes, NYC, That Happened

I awoke today to a message from my friend that read, “D.C. had an earthquake this morning.” Considering she works for the government and has Secret Service details that can correctly identify her perfume scent (true story), I figured she was probably safe.  I then decided to check in with some other friends living in our […]

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I Dream of News Days Like This

There are some days when I click refresh 20 times on a multitude of news sources and, still, absolutely nothing piques my interest. I mean, this great world cannot be that boring.  Today is not one of those days. In fact, it is quite the opposite.  So many fabulous and wildly entertaining stories have come across my […]

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NYC’s Old Folk Boast Superior Bill of Health

It’s not so shocking that New Yorkers tend to have a bit of a superiority complex about them, but when it comes to health there are actually numbers to back it up.  One of my favorite blogs (nerd alert), Economix from the Times, revealed an interesting statistical nugget  showing that New Yorkers live remarkably longer […]

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New Cigarette Tax Kills the Old 10 Dolla Holla

A couple years ago when I was comfortably working at an investment bank called Lehman Brothers, things began to look grim.  The stock price plummeted to $3 per share, there were rumors of a buyout or bankruptcy, and the employees were bugging out.  One day a co-worker turned to me in frustration and said, “Screw this. I’m going out […]

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Empire State Building Power Trip Gone Wrong

Apparently I was one of the only citizens of New York City who didn’t realize there was explicit symbolism and privilege associated with the Empire State Building’s lighting scheme.  Now, I’m not so dumb as to think when the building lights up red, white and blue that it isn’t a symbol of American patriotism, and, […]

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