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NYPD Snubs Cyclists on Earth Day

So much for going green and promoting exercise! The NYPD had a rude Earth Day surprise for bike riders that call Houston St. home yesterday: they clipped the locks and took the bikes away!  The justification for such an assault on the city’s cyclists is that the police were instructed to clear all sidewalks for […]

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Jumanji: Game Over

So remember a couple weeks ago when someone broke out the NYC Jumanji board and the city had a coyote gallivanting through Central Park and dolphins swimming  in the East River?  Well, someone rolled the dice to end the game as the coyote was just captured in TriBeCa. It took four patrol cars, four unmarked […]

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NYPD reprioritizes “subway seat hoggery” offenses

Last week local news was abuzz with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s claim that proposed budget cuts would lead to a return of 1990s-ish crime in the city.   Kelly’s concern seems pretty legitimate, considering the NYPD would decrease the amount of officers by 7,300 to a total of 32,817 officers, which is the lowest level NYC […]

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