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The Subway Swagger

One of the most amazing, complex human creations is the subway system. Sure, here in New York the subway is a little smelly, grimy, rat-ridden, expensive and unreliable on the weekends but we pride ourselves on it anyway. Hey, at least we’re not driving some gas-guzzling SUV and contributing to global warming like our Midwest […]

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The Rat Race: NYC Style

First it was the bed bugs and now it’s the rats.  Though these growing plagues are not of Black Death proportions, they’re concerning enough that Senator Perkins took it upon himself to survey 5,000 New Yorkers on their rat sightings.  The results of his survey are in, showing that a not-so-alarming 99 percent of New […]

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Hate to Love It: New York Annoyances

Us New Yorkers are a picky bunch. We’re particular about our pizza, our coffee, our walking speed, our subway etiquette, and the list goes on.  This morning the NY Post dutifully surveyed New Yorkers on their greatest grievances, and even broke the results down by borough, which can be seen below. Survey takers could choose […]

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When a Local Has a Tourist Moment

One of my favorite pastimes is hating on tourists.  I realize that they support our local economy and over time, this would probably come back to haunt me in one of karma’s mysterious ways.   But still, I can’t resist making fun of their inability to look straight ahead when walking or the way they take […]

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Rough Day for the Subway

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past eight hours, you have probably heard the sad story of the suicide bombers that killed dozens in Moscow this morning. In response the NYPD amped up surveillance in the NYC subway today, but that doesn’t seem to have had much effect on some weird […]

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NYPD reprioritizes “subway seat hoggery” offenses

Last week local news was abuzz with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s claim that proposed budget cuts would lead to a return of 1990s-ish crime in the city.   Kelly’s concern seems pretty legitimate, considering the NYPD would decrease the amount of officers by 7,300 to a total of 32,817 officers, which is the lowest level NYC […]

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