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NYC’s New Year’s Eve: The Un-hyped Reality

Ah, New Year’s Eve. The most hyped-force-yourself-to-buy-a-new-outfit-and-swear-you’re having-the-best-time-of-your-life holiday of the year!  What other city better guarantees a positively epic night than New York? Despite Dick Clark and the glistening ball drop, it still seems like a big overrated jig to me. First, most people assume that Times Square is the place to be on […]

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Pop-Tarts World Brings Sweet Sushi to Times Square

Times Square is quickly evolving into a sugar-crazed universe!   Following the likes of M&M World and Hershey, Pop-Tarts opened their Pop-Tarts World today in Times Square.   Though I always thought Pop-Tarts were an inferior breakfast pastry to Toaster Strudel, they were always more functional because you could eat them without a toaster. The folks at […]

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