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Hate to Love It: New York Annoyances

Us New Yorkers are a picky bunch. We’re particular about our pizza, our coffee, our walking speed, our subway etiquette, and the list goes on.  This morning the NY Post dutifully surveyed New Yorkers on their greatest grievances, and even broke the results down by borough, which can be seen below. Survey takers could choose […]

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When a Local Has a Tourist Moment

One of my favorite pastimes is hating on tourists.  I realize that they support our local economy and over time, this would probably come back to haunt me in one of karma’s mysterious ways.   But still, I can’t resist making fun of their inability to look straight ahead when walking or the way they take […]

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Sidewalk Traffic Lanes for All

In the same spirit of Lady Gaga’s pre-released Telephone video, the internet blew up a couple days ago upon the sighting of tourist walking lanes on Fifth Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Streets. The lanes were drawn by an anonymous artist that probably hails from the same clan as the Subway etiquette artist from a […]

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